Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Partners in Precision"

Our AGIE Wire EDM machines provide the ultimate in precision and total automation, providing every known feature that modern technology has to offer including Workpieces up to 10" Thick.


We are a leading edge Wire EDM Job Shop with a "GIVE US A CHALLENGE" attitude, working with customers that wish to establish and maintain a true Partnership relationship. We offer our 34 years of Wire EDM experience of helping solve customer tooling, production, and prototype Wire EDM requirements. We will exceed our customer expectations in quality and service.


We feature Wire EDM Surface finishes to 4 rms, Small Wire cutting capability down to .004" diameter, part repeatability to .0001", part size to 10" thick, Total Automation of WEDM cells using precision air chuck tooling pre-set on custom built laboratory grade surface plate stations, offering 1 part to production quantities , 24 hour turn-around when required - all at competitive prices.

Over 34 years of providing Leading Edge Wire EDM Technology to the Manufacturing Industry!


Our AGIE Wire EDM machines can cut with wire as small as .004" diameter, allowing us to produce very intricate detail with 8 rms finishes in one part or production quantities. Since our processes are many times an alternative to stamping and fineblanking we have been able to mass produce large production quantities of miniature parts to tolerances and shapes that are not otherwise possible. GIVE US A CHALLENGE - let us help you engineer and prototype parts by together thinking outside of the box!